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Single Pass


Discover Europe from Munich and Frankfurt from

Sold out

Choose between 6, 9 or 12 flight hours
Book all European round trips (domestic flights excluded)
Travel period:
Apr. 01 until Oct. 27, 2018
Flights bookable up to 21 days before departure
Stay as long as you like. All visits must include either a Friday or Saturday night

- Excluded travel dates for Frankfurt: 18-20.05.2018, 22.-24.06.2018, 28.-30.09.2018; for Munich: 18-20.05.2018, 27.-29.07.2018
- Every route can be booked only once

Companion Pass


Flexibly discover different European destinations with a partner from

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Choose with your companion between 6, 9 or 12 flight hours
Book all European round trips (domestic flights excluded)
Travel period:
Apr. 01 until Oct. 27, 2018
Flights bookable up to 21 days before departure
Stay as long as you like. All visits must include either a Friday or Saturday night

- Excluded travel dates for Frankfurt: 18-20.05.2018, 22.-24.06.2018, 28.-30.09.2018; for Munich: 18-20.05.2018, 27.-29.07.2018
- Every route can be booked only once

Note: SWISS International Air Lines AG is the contractual partner for the sales and payment process and the issuing of the Lufthansa Timepass. You will receive all documents pertaining to your purchase and your travel exclusively from SWISS International Air Lines. The operating carrier is Lufthansa German Airlines AG.

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  • What is Lufthansa Timepass?
    The Lufthansa Timepass is Lufthansa’s first flight-hour package. You pay a one-off package price and receive, depending on your chosen package, either 6, 9 or 12 flight hours with Lufthansa. You can use these flight hours as you wish within the available route network, irrespective of current fares. The duration of individual flights can be seen in the preview of available flights, as well as during the booking process, on
  • What is the Companion Pass?
    The Companion Pass is a flight-hour package that you can buy for yourself and another person. Both of you then have either 6, 9 or 12 hours of flying time available. You must, however, always fly together if you want to use your flight time. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that you and your Companion will be sitting next to each other on each flight.
  • What time is calculated for a flight?
    The flight time refers to the specified block time in the Lufthansa timetable between the stated take-off and landing time, taking time zone differences into account. For example: departure from Frankfurt at 09.10 hours, arrival in Lisbon at 11.10 hours is calculated as a 3 hour flight time because there is a one hour time difference. Faster than expected flight times or delays are not added into the calculation. The time allocated for a flight is already indicated in the flight preview and during booking.

    Booked flights are reckoned up by the minute. For example, if you have bought a 6-hour package and have booked a flight from Frankfurt to Milan and back that takes 2h 20m (round-trip) you will have a remaining flight time of 3h 40m.
  • Who can buy Lufthansa Timepass?
    The Lufthansa Timepass can be bought by anyone over 18 years of age. The number of Lufthansa Timepasses is limited to one pass per person.
  • Who can use Lufthansa Timepass?
    Persons from 12 years of age are entitled to use Lufthansa Timepass by themselves. Infants and children up to 11 years of age must be accompanied by an adult when using the Companion Pass.
  • Do children or infants get discounts on Lufthansa Timepass?
    No. Children and infants pay the same price as adults. This of course entitles even infants (up to 2 years of age) to their own seat so that all can enjoy a comfortable journey.
  • On which flights is Lufthansa Timepass available?
    The Lufthansa Timepass can be used on nearly all Lufthansa-operated European direct flights from Frankfurt or Munich. Please note that German domestic routes are excluded from this offer and that you can only fly to each destination once. You will be able to find product details of the individual passes, as well as information on available routes and flight times, under ‘More information’ once the Lufthansa Timepass goes on sale. You will be able to book flights if, at the time of booking, at least one seat, or in the case of the Companion Pass two seats, are available in the Economy Light fare on your chosen flight.
  • When can I travel with my Lufthansa Timepass?
    You can fly between 1 April and 27 October 2018. The following dates are excluded:
    • Frankfurt: 18.-20.05.18, 22.-24.06.18 and 28.-30.09.18
    • Munich: 18.-20.05.18 and 27.-29.07.18

    There must also be at least one Friday or Saturday night between the outbound and return flight for the Lufthansa Timepass to be used.
  • Why does my trip have to include at least one Friday or Saturday night?
    Lufthansa Timepass represents an attractive offer, especially for weekend breaks and longer trips. It is therefore a prerequisite that your journey includes at least one Friday night (from Friday to Saturday) or at least one Saturday night (from Saturday to Sunday).
  • Do I always need to book a round trip?
    Yes, the Lufthansa Timepass is designed exclusively for the booking of outbound and return flights. One-way flights cannot be booked.
  • How many hours can I actually use with the Companion Pass?
    If you choose, for example, the 6-hour Companion Pass, both you and your companion each receive a flight time of 6 hours which you have to fly together. This means: you don’t divide the 6 hours, but have a total of 12 hours available.
  • Which fare will my tickets be booked in?
    Lufthansa Timepass tickets are booked in the Economy Light fare. You will find an overview of Lufthansa’s fare options under this link.
  • How close to my departure date can I book my flights?
    The advance booking deadline for the Lufthansa Timepass is 21 days before departure.
  • How do I book my flights?
    Individual flights can be booked in the customer area of Here you can see a summary of your remaining flight hours and the bookings you have already made. Booking confirmations will be sent to you by email.
  • Why is my flight search showing ‘no results’?
    There could be various reasons for this: there is no Lufthansa direct flight on your desired route and day, your flight is unfortunately already fully booked or the fixed conditions of your Lufthansa Timepass have not been met (e.g. advance booking period or date).
  • Is the Lufthansa Timepass refundable?
    No, once it has been purchased the Lufthansa Timepass is not refundable. Booked flights as well as unused flight time are also not refundable.
  • What happens if I’m missing a couple of minutes for a flight?
    It isn’t possible to buy additional flight hours or minutes for the Lufthansa Timepass. We therefore recommend that you use your quota of flight hours as efficiently as possible.
  • Can I change or cancel my Lufthansa Timepass flights?
    No, already booked flights can neither be rebooked nor cancelled.
  • Can I transfer my Lufthansa Timepass flights to third parties?
    No, both single pass and Companion Pass flights are personalized and cannot be transferred to others.
  • Can I book extra services (e.g. item of baggage, preferred seat) for my Lufthansa Timepass flights?
    Yes, this is possible for an extra charge on To book extra services, log in to your profile or access your booking with your name and the booking code or e-ticket number. Please note that you cannot upgrade to Business Class with Lufthansa Timepass.
  • What payment methods are available?
    You can buy your Lufthansa Timepass conveniently with Mastercard or Visa.
  • Can I earn Miles & More miles with my Lufthansa Timepass flights?
    Yes, you can earn miles on every Lufthansa Timepass flight. Simply enter your Miles & More customer number when you purchase your Lufthansa Timepass. Miles will then be credited to you automatically for each flight.
  • What happens to unused flight hours when my Lufthansa Timepass expires?
    All flight hours must be used within the period from 1 April to 27 October 2018. Unfortunately, unused flight hours or minutes cannot be credited or refunded.
  • Can the Lufthansa Timepass be offset against tax as a business expense?
    The Lufthansa Timepass has been designed purely for private use and therefore no Lufthansa Timepasses can be offset as a business expense. When you buy a Lufthansa Timepass you will be sent a payment confirmation, but no invoices will be issued.
  • Can I use my Lufthansa account data to log in to the Lufthansa Timepass?
    No. For the purchase of the Lufthansa Timepass a new registration is necessary as part of the purchase process.